Everyone Needs a Financial Plan

In today’s uncertain times, no one doubts that financial planning is a necessity. For middle-class individuals and families, the challenge is to find a financial planning firm that has the knowledge and expertise to sort out all the financial schemes from financial opportunity and has the integrity to recommend sound financial strategies without ulterior motives. That’s what we do.

No Pain. No Financial Gain.

Building a brighter financial future is not rocket science. Obtaining financial goals requires sacrifice. You must live under your means so that you have can create a steady flow of income to invest. This means resisting the temptation to spend money on consumer goods and items so that you can divert those resources to your plan. You must also make informed, educated decisions regarding your financial resources and options. That’s where we can help.

A Different Approach to Financial Planning

A financial planning session at Herman S. Cage & Associates is like no other. It’s an interactive, educational process that consists of an initial consultation and periodic meetings to evaluate your progress and to make sure that you stay on track.

Our services help you to pinpoint your short- and long-term goals and provide you with a snapshot of where you stand in relation to those goals. You’ll learn how proposed investment(s) work, the potential rewards, the risk (because there is always risk), how to get in and more importantly how to get out if things go badly. We’ll also share various ways to measure investment performance so that you can determine if yours is living up to your standards and expectations.

At the end of our financial planning sessions, you’ll know what to do and have the confidence to do it. We’ll deliver individualized financial plan of action that takes into account your life’s goals and ambitions, your income and assets, and your risk tolerance. Of course, there is only so much we can do. Your success in reaching your goals rests with you. You have to stick to the plan, keep us abreast of new problems and opportunities and be willing to make adjustments as necessary.

It’s Not What You Earn. It’s What You Keep. Use Your Tax Return as a Financial Planning Ally.

The fact is simple. The more taxes you pay, the longer it will take and the harder it will be to reach your financial goals. Herman S. Cage & Associates is different because we understand tax code and consequences of various actions and non-actions. Financial planning starts with a review of your tax returns. This single document, used as a diagnostic tool, gives us crucial insight into your income types, assets, investments, deductions, adjustments and credits. We use this information as a financial planning ally to develop strategies to minimize your tax liability and maximize income and wealth opportunities.